Mole Crickets

Potato Bug in Coastal Georgia
September 1, 2009
Dear Bugman,
My wife recently found our 10 month old daughter playing with a bug by the back door today. She called me at work and asked me to come home at lunch to look at it and try and find out what it was. Upon investigation i had no idea so i took the bug to work, now i am in the army so i work with people who have lived all over and was able to get the name “potato bug” over and over. So that lead me to read posts on your site about the potato bug. I am writing today about the post “potato bug in florida” In your response you said there situation might be rare because they are predominantly in the western united states. I just wanted to write to inform you we live in Fort Stewart, Georgia about 45 min. from Svannah georgia and the oicean. There ended up being two of these in my home today and they seemed to be barely holding on to life when i came and got them at lunch to bring to work. They were about 1 and a half to two inches long. I am sure these were potato bugs althoughthe p ictures i have are cell phone quality. They looked axactly like the ones on your site. Please let me know if since your florida posts there have been others like me to identify these bugs in the eastern coastal area. Thank You. Dustin Edwards
Dustin Edwards
South East [Georgia]

Potato Bugs??? in Georgia!!!
Potato Bugs??? in Georgia!!! or Mole Crickets

Hi Dustin
We are posting your letter and photo (the quality is really quite awful) since this Potato Bug or Jerusalem Cricket (genus Stenopelmatus) sighting in Georgia is really quite unusual.  Because of the poor image quality, thought these look like Potato Bugs, we would not rule out the possibility that they are Mole Crickets.

Eric Eaton’s Opinion
I think you are absolutely right about those being mole crickets.  Great deductive detective work….

Afer looking at the Mole cricket images, that is what was in my house. Thanks for the e-mail.  It did freak me out though. They are scary looking things. Do you know much about them? I read that they aren’t dangerous, but really didn’t see how to keep them out of the house or what they like to do and why they exist. Sorry the image was so bad my wife tood it with her phone and didn’t want to get close to it.   Thank you, Dustin

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