Potato Bugs

I have NO idea how it got into my kitchen but there it was this morning and my skin is still crawling thinking of it. It’s under a glass bowl right now. I don’t know how to get rid of it. My last encounter with one in the garden several years ago was horrible and I couldn’t kill it! My nightmare now is wondering how the hell this huge thing got into the house when there are no visible holes or gaps under doors…it’s as big as a small mouse – and we blocked the mouse access holes over a year ago, I thought!
Freaked of Laurel Canyon

Dear Freaked,
Potato Bugs are digging insects that might have gotten access through burrowing. They are also nocturnal and might enter the home through an opened door at night when you don’t notice them skulking about. They are harmless, but do have powerful jaws that can inflict a painful bite. They seem to have universal horror appeal.

Thank you! I steeled myself and got it outside last night! Way away from the house! They look like something under a magnoscope which has escaped and is giant!

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