Potato Bug in Montana

Weird Bug
Location: Billings, Montana USA
June 2, 2011 11:41 am
I saw tis bug around October 1st 2008 in Billings, Montana USA coordinates 45°47′12″N 108°32′14″W
I think it was about 2 inces long not sure though.
Thanks for your help. Please write back soon.
Signature: Paul Foster

Potato Bug

Ed. Note
This email identification request nearly wound up in the trash after we supplied a quick response to Paul identifying his Potato Bug or Jerusalem Cricket, and then we thought to retrieve it and post it because of several reasons.  First, Potato Bug sightings from more northern latitudes are not unheard of, but they are considerably less common than sightings from the arid Southwest.  Perhaps this has more to do with human populations as there are more people in Southern California than in Montana.  Our more selfish reason for posting this submission has to do with the urgency of the request.  We cannot really understand why a three year old photo needs to be identified soon.  We have a very small staff and we are unable to respond to even a small percentage of the requests we receive, especially during the summer months.  Since we will be out of the office the second week in June, we are preparing postings in advance so our faithful readership will not be denied a daily dose of What’s That Bug?  We appreciate your patience in our absence.  Please understand we are not checking email while visiting Mom in Ohio.  Upon our return, we expect to find hundreds of urgent requests in our mailbox. This is just a reminder that we try our best to respond to as many requests as possible.  Using a catchy subject line will get our attention and it will separate your request from the masses.  Also, including the name of an under-represented species in the subject line is sure to get our attention, and even more so if you use the scientific binomial.  Including a scientific name in the subject line will let us know that a serious fan of the lower beasts has written to us, and that intrigues us much more than a desperate housewife with a Carpet Beetle problem or a frantic college student that needs assistance with a project for a grade.  Please enjoy browsing our site in our absence.  Chances are quite good that the insect you want identified is already in our archives.

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