Possibly Wolf Spider from Senegal

Subject: My friend is a Peace Corps volunteer in Senegal and found THIS fascinating spider…
Location: Kedougou Region of Senegal
November 2, 2014 8:46 pm
Hi Bugman!
My friend is volunteering in the Kedougou Region of Senegal. He found this spider while walking on a dirt path at night walking from Wouridje back to Thianguey.
I know the photo is from at night, but any ideas as to what it might be? I thought perhaps a Hunstman spider?
Thanks so much!
Signature: Trying to help going to Senegal more appealing…

Possible Wolf Spider
Possible Wolf Spider

We do not believe this is a Huntsman Spider.  The shape reminds us more of a Wolf Spider, but alas, the eye pattern is not visible in your image.  Perhaps one of our readers can offer additional information.

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