Possibly Winter Moth

What kind of moth walks around in snow?
Location: Andover, MA
March 2, 2012 5:08 pm
Dear bugman,
I was hiking in the Charles Ward Reservation in Andover, MA and came across this insect (that I believe is some kind of moth).
I would be interested in finding out what kind of moth it is. I would also like to know if it makes a habit of walking around in the snow? 🙂
Thanks for your help!
Signature: HikingMom

Winter Moth, maybe

Dear HikingMom,
In many ways this moth resembles a Winter Moth,
Operophtera brumata, but the antennae don’t look like the individuals that are pictured on BugGuide.  We will continue to research if this is the introduced Winter Moth.  The female has vestigial wings and is flightless.  The Nature PHoto website has a nice photo of a winter moth by Pavel Krasensky, but the antennae look different from your moth.  You can also find information on the winter moth on the UK Moths website.  The Winter Moth can be found in Massachusetts.  Perhaps one of our readers can assist with this identification.

Hi Daniel,
I don’t know much about moths, but  could it be a tussock moth?  I’ve have read that there are flightless females with antennae similar to the ones in my photo.

Hi Roberta,
The images we have seen of flightless Tussock Moths have even more underdeveloped wings.  We have still not found a conclusive identification for this posting.

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