Williams Tiger Moth?
Location: Roxborough, CO
July 16, 2011 8:02 pm
Hi WTB! You have many beautiful Tiger Moths on your website, but I didn’t see the Williams Tiger Moth – Grammia williamsii. My sister found this one on her porch today, in the prairie foothills southwest of Denver. At least I THINK it’s a Williams Tiger Moth… am I right? 🙂
Signature: Katie

Williams' Tiger Moth, we believe

Dear Katie,
The markings on your Tiger Moth look very similar to the markings on the photographs of the Williams’ Tiger Moth,
Grammia williamsii, that are posted on BugGuide, and BugGuide has data indicating that there have been sightings in Colorado, however, according to BugGuide, there are 38 species in the genus Grammia in North America as well as numerous subspecies.  Since many of the Tiger Moths in the genus Grammia look quite similar, this may be a near relative of the Williams’ Tiger Moth.

Location: Colorado

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