Velvet Beetle from South Africa

Unknown South African Bug
Location: Sontuli Loop, Imfolozi NP, South Africa
January 31, 2012 7:52 am
I came across and photographed a beetle in Imfolozi NP jn South Africa, it was close to water but not a water beetle. I have researched various sites on the internet and cannot find anything that is similar and would be grateful if you could help.
Don Whittaker
Signature: Don Whittaker

Velvet Ground Beetle

Hi Don,
We were going back through recent, unanswered submission, and we found your identification request.  We wanted to research this more before posting, and we have not had an opportunity, so we thought it best to post as unidentified and request assistance from our readers.  In our opinion, this resembles a Tiger Beetle in the subfamily Cicindelinae (see BugGuide for North American examples), though the shape is a bit uncharacteristic, but the image quality is not ideal for close scrutiny.  None of the South African Tiger Beetles on the Biodiversity Explorer website look like your individual.

Correction Courtesy of Karl
Hi Daniel and Don:
It’s another kind of Ground Beetle, a Velvet Ground Beetle (Carabidae: Graphipterinae) in the genus Graphipterus. This is an impressively large genus with at least 139 species and many subspecies. Many of these have similar markings on the pronotum and elytra (e.g., G. ancora) but I believe this one is probably G. fasciatus fasciatus. Regards.  Karl

Thanks Karl.  A comment from Ted came to the same conclusion.

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