Possibly Termite Nest from Australia

Subject: Mud Nest – Australia
Location: Hawkesbury region, NSW, Australia
December 30, 2014 2:29 pm
Hey Bugman,
Thought you might like to see this nest I came across the other day on my property in Hawkesbury, NSW, Australia.
Clearly some kind of mud-wasp, we get a lot around here, although I have never seen a nest this size (only single ones). The funnel entry/exit points are a work of art.
Didn’t see the inhabitants, and quite happy about that actually, but isn’t it beautiful?
Any idea on the actual identity of the builders?
Signature: Tracy

Termite Nest we believe
Termite Nest we believe

Dear Tracy,
We do not believe this is a Wasp Nest.  Instead, we are leaning toward a Termite Nest.  There are some images on the Brisbane Insect website of Termite Nests in the genus
Microcerotermes, and the site states:  “Those large mud nests on trees as shown in photos are common in Brisbane Eucalypt forest. They the the termite nests. They are usually 3-4 meters above ground. These termites have mud tunnels to connect to the ground near the base of the tree. They also have a networks of tunnels underground. It is interesting to note that these termites seldom do any damage to the tree. The termites may have a little chewing around the nest on bark but for the most part the trees are fine. On the tree trunk there are only a few mud tunnels.”  An image on the Ian King Pest Control site looks even more like your images.

Possibly Termite Nest
Possibly Termite Nest

7 thoughts on “Possibly Termite Nest from Australia”

    • Thanks very much for your comment. We believe the nest in the images on our site is considerably larger than the nest of a solitary wasp.

  1. It is not a termite nest, I have an identical one under the floor boards of my house in Queensland. There is no damage to floor boards. It is probably one of the large wasp nests that we get plenty of. I agree that it is a work of art.

  2. Nothing specific, but I have been forced to remove the nest. When broken up, it contained two very large grubs, about 20mm x 8mm. They were either Wasp or Hornet grubs much too large for termites which, depending on species, seldom get any bigger than a black ant! plus termites do not build singular nests. They work on a colony and Queen system. I don’t believe termite mounds have funnel like entries. They are more likely to have entries at the source of the mound such as dead and rotting trees. They may use a living tree to traverse, but will not feed off of a living tree. Hope this helps.


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