Possibly Swamp Darner in Flight

Subject:  Dragonfly
Geographic location of the bug:  Moosehead Lk. Area in Maine
Date: 09/21/2017
Time: 09:55 AM EDT
I like to post photos of nature but I always want my identification to be accurate. Photo may not be as clear for what you need. At first I thought Aeshna species and now after 3 days of looking I now lean towards Swamp. I just don’t know….Help please! Who knew there are so many varieties!! 🙂
Thank you!
How you want your letter signed:  Karen

Swamp Darner in Flight

Dear Karen,
Based on BugGuide images, we agree that this might be a Swamp Darner, and we concur that identifying Dragonflies is a challenge.

Swamp Darner in Flight

Thank you!!!!! I now finally have an ID! So glad I found you and I will be back! 🙂

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