jumping sand bug
November 12, 2009
I found this bug while walking on the beach in galveston, texas. They were jumping everywhere like fleas! They are over a centimeter long. Their undersides are metallic green, from the top they are brown with a whitish pattern
Michelle D.
Gelveston, TX, USA

Schaupp's Tiger Beetle

Schaupp's Tiger Beetle

Hi Michelle,
This is a beneficial predatory Tiger Beetle.  We believe, based on images and information posted to BugGuide, that this is Schaupp’s Tiger Beetle, Cicindela schauppii.  It is found in Texas and Oklahoma in sandy and gravelly areas with limestone outcrops.  Sightings are primarily in the autumn.  We hope the individual in your photo died of natural causes.

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  1. Ben Coulter says:

    This is Cicindela trifasciata , the S-banded Tiger Beetle.

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