Possibly Salt Marsh Cicada

Subject: Newly Emerged Cicada
Location: North Fort Myers, FL
November 18, 2012 7:57 am
I was fortunate enough to spot this newly emerged cicada as it climbed these stalks. It finally made it to the top, only to tumble down. It slowly started all over again. Taken at Caloosahatchee Creeks Preserve West in Nort Fort Myers, Florida.
Signature: Greg

Possibly Salt Marsh Cicada

Hi Greg,
Thanks for sending your photos.  You did not indicate if this is a recent sighting or if the photos were taken months or possibly years ago.  We looked at Cicadas on BugGuide and we believe this might be a Salt Marsh Cicada,
Diceroprocta viridifascia, based on images that are posted to BugGuide which states:  “Atlantic Coast: VA, NC, SC, GA, FL (perhaps a little further north than VA)  Gulf Coast: FL, AL, MS, LA, & TX  D. viridifascia ranges from the mid-Atlantic (Delmarva region) south into Florida. Its distribution around Florida is often patchy, but it can be abundant. Thgis cicada can be found on both the Atlantic and Gulf coasts of the state, but seems to range only as far north as the “Big Bend” region of Florida in the west and appears absent along the Panhandle (?).  This species is common all around the Florida coast and abundant in the Palm Beach area.The season is listed as “May-September” so if this is a recent sighing, our identification might not be correct.

possibly Salt Marsh Cicada

The photos were taken yesterday.

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