Possibly Rhombic Leatherbug Nymphs in the UK

Subject: Mysterious True Bug
Location: Woodbridge Suffolk UK
July 31, 2017 11:53 am
Found by a friend near a river in Suffolk UK.
It seems to be a true bug, but the spiny back is confusing identification.
Can you help?
Signature: Graham

Rhombic Leatherbug Nymphs, we believe

Dear Graham,
These are immature True Bugs in the family Coreidae, commonly called Leaf Footed Bugs or Squash Bugs.  British Bugs has some excellent images, and we believe based on the images on British Bugs, that these are immature Rhombic Leatherbugs,
Syromastus rhombeus.

Thanks Daniel, three of us failed to find that, don’t think I have seen one before.

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