Subject: Large spider in shower- recluse?
Location: Boulder, Colorado
October 8, 2012 10:29 am
I found this spider this morning hiding behind my shampoo bottle in my shower. The spider was somewhat large- about an inch to an inch and a half if I had to estimate. It seemed to have very large mandibles. When it walked its legs surprised me by extending out exceptionally long in a radial way around its body. (In the picture the legs seem to be closer to the body making it look narrower). It also seemed to have the shiny texture of an earwig rather than a furry texture. I was told by a coworker it could be a brown recluse and am somewhat worried. Do you know what this spider is and if it is poisonous to me or my pets? The spider has since vanished I think into my shower curtain. Thank you!
Signature: Concerned spider coinhabitant

Woodlouse Hunter

Dear Concerned spider coinhabitant,
We really wish your photo had more detail.  The appearance and physical description your provided indicate to us that this really appears to be an endangered Red Legged Purseweb Spider, however, we are not aware of them being previously reported in Colorado.  BugGuide has sightings as far west as Texas.  We are going to seek more opinions on this matter.  It is most definitely NOT a Brown Recluse.

Eric Eaton provides correction
How I *wish* it was a purseweb!  This is “just” a Woodlouse Hunter, Dysdera crocata.

Location: Colorado

3 Responses to Woodlouse Hunter, not Red Legged Purseweb Spider

  1. E says:

    I found the same spider walking across my bathroom floor. Is it dangerous? It certainly doesn’t look like a red legged purseweb. Could it be something else?

  2. Jay says:

    We have those all over Colorado there brownish red

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