Possibly Questionmark Caterpillar

Black and Orange Catapillar
Location: Houston, Texas
March 21, 2011 9:46 pm
I found this caterpillar in the front yard on a ham and eggs(flower) plant on November 29 2010. It’s very spiky looking so I didn’t touch it. I wondered what kind of catapillar it is and what it turns into.
Signature: Thanks, Kelly Bufkin

Questionmark Caterpillar???

Hi again Kelly,
This is one of the Brush-Footed Butterfly Caterpillars.  We looked up ham and eggs and found out it is lantana.  Knowing the host plant might make identification easier, but we have not had any luck in our quick search.  We suspect your caterpillar is in the subfamily Nymphalinae, and you might try finding a match on BugGuide, since time will not allow us to do further research at the moment.  Just prior to posting, we did a final search and we believe this is a Questionmark Caterpillar,
Polygonia interrogationis based on this photo on BugGuide, though BugGuide does not list lantana as a host.

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