Possibly Planthopper from Singapore

Subject: Aphid-like insect
Location: Singapore
December 17, 2012 11:47 pm
First of all I’d like to just say how fantastic a resource this is. I only found this site during the week and I’m trying to control myself sending through ID requests.
The attached bug was found on a chest high hedgerow. He is approx 4mm in length from head to toe. He’s perfectly camouflaged on the leaf. He was sitting low on the leaf near the leaf stalk. I’m guessing he is an aphid of some sort but it’s a complete guess. Google has been no help. Maybe you guys have some idea?
Signature: David

Planthopper, we presume

Hi David,
We believe this Free Living Hemipteran is some type of Planthopper, but we haven’t the time to research it at the moment.  Two beautiful True Bugs from Himalayan Nepal are also awaiting identification and we have only reached H in the Christmas cards.
P.S.  Planthoppers are in the same order as Aphids.  Good guess.

Update:  April 8, 2013
David provided us with an update and an identification of the Grainy Planthopper,
Kallitaxila granulata, and we found a matching photo on PestNet.


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