Possibly Owlfly Larva from Thailand

(12/25/2005) Antlion?
My four year old son found this critter this morning. At first I thought it was an Antlion, but it doesn’t act like one. It was crawling around the leaves of a Croton bush and doesn’t back up like Antlions usually do. Any help identifying it would be appreciated.

Hi David,
Please write back with your global coordinates? Please tell us in what part of the world was this found?

Sorry, I live in the Northeast of Thailand. What size do you want pictures submitted in? Can’t find any info on the site. Thanks again, I’d really like to know what this critter is.

Thanks for the followup information. It is helpful that we are not trying to identify a North American species. We are not 100% sure yet and we are waiting for a second opinion from Eric Eaton. We think it looks like an Owlfly larva, but we would not rule out that it might be the larva of another Neuropteran, like an Antlion.


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