Possibly Omnivorous Looper

Subject: What type of moth is this?
Location: Campbell, CA
May 15, 2015 9:28 am
This moth is on my kitchen door. White for camouflage I’m assuming. It’s about 1 -1/2 inches from wing tip to wing tip. Soft fur on head. It looks like a stealth bomber. Very beautiful. May have black legs, small horizontal antennae.
Signature: Trish

Geometrid Moth
Geometrid Moth

Dear Trish,
Your moth is is the family Geometridae, but we are uncertain of the species.
  It may be an Omnivorous Looper, Sabulodes aegrotata, which is pictured on the Moths of Orange County site.

2 thoughts on “Possibly Omnivorous Looper”

  1. I found outside this freakish looking bug it looked like a crane fly but it’s long skinny body was a bright reddish orange it was creepy. Is it some type of stinging wasp? I’m in Washington state I have a wetland behind me so I get all kinds of freakish bugs I’ve never seen. Tons of ladybugs I mean like an explosion of them lol Ty for any input


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