Subject: What spider is this?
Location: Johannesburg South Africa
December 8, 2016 1:21 pm
Hi there, I found this spider at the doorway of my local McDonalds and had a leg span of about 20cms tip of back legs to top of front legs. It was also really hairy and a guy walked passed it and petted it like it was a furry little kitten.
Signature: Signed?

Possibly Water Spider

Possibly Nursery Web Spider

There is not much detail in your image, so a definitive identification may be impossible, however, the manner in which your spider holds its legs reminds us of the posture of a Nursery Web Spider or Fishing Spider in the family Pisauridae.  This iSpot image shows that posture.  It may be a member of the genus Nilus which is represented on iSpot.

Hi there Daniel,
Thanks for the response, much obliged…. guess I always hope that what I’ve found was some super rare, over poisonous mutant spider…. but it’s never the case, lol!
Keeran Singh

Location: Johannesburg, South Africa

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