Possibly Mirid Plant Bug

Subject: brown/tan bug in northwest NJ
Location: Sparta, NJ 07871
June 3, 2015 4:12 pm
Hi, we have a lot of these outside around our yard this year. Do you know what they are? Body is about 5mm long, not including the antenna. They can fly but mostly I see them crawling on the deck and on plants out there or find them on me when doing yard work . Often when coming in from outside, there are one or two on us and I’m especially concerned about them becoming a problem in the house. I have been searching online and figured I’d try here too. Thank you.
Signature: kstef

Possibly Mirid Plant Bug
Possibly Mirid Plant Bug

Dear kstef,
We believe this might be a Mirid Plant Bug in the family Miridae, but we could not find a match on BugGuide in our initial attempt.  Perhaps one of our readers will have better luck providing an identification.

Wow, just researched that and it does look a lot like a “clouded plant bug”. Thank you!

Hi Kara,
We just looked at images on BugGuide, and though it is similar, we do not believe you submitted a Clouded Plant Bug.  The antennae are very different if you compare, especially to this BugGuide image.
  We will see if Eric Eaton can provide any information.

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