Possibly Mayfly Exuvia

Subject: larvae insect
Location: Los Angeles
August 19, 2016 4:08 am
Since a week, my house wall outside is filled with 100-200 tiny larvae.
I live in Los Angeles. I would say they are 4-5mm long maybe.
Signature: Rafael

Mayfly Exuvia, we believe
Mayfly Exuvia, we believe

Hi Rafael,
Do you live near the LA River or some other body of water?  Or, do you have a pond in your yard?  This looks like the aquatic larva of a Mayfly, or more accurately, the exuvia of a Mayfly.  When they near maturity, the aquatic naiads climb out of the water and molt, flying off as a subadult.  The subadult of a Mayfly is one of the only insects that molts a second time once it is winged, eventually emerging as a mature adult Mayfly.  Since the larvae are aquatic, they need a body of water in which to develop.  Do the larvae move?  If not, then they are simply the exuviae, or cast-off exoskeletons.

Thanks for your answer.
We live about 2 blocks ~8 minutes walk from the LA river which is really the suburban area…all concrete.
There are 2 swimming pools nearby neighbors, but they are usually taking care if them. Otherwise no other water besides sprinklers.

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