Probably Red Bugs or Bordered Plant Bugs from Singapore

Subject: Mating pair
Location: Singapore
May 18, 2014 3:01 am
Hi Daniel
I was wondering if you could help me with an ID for this mating pair. I found them in rainforest habitat on the trunk of a tree. They’d shuffle to the opposite side of the trunk when I approached them with my camera. They look like little mouse heads 🙂
Signature: David

Mating Big Eyed Bugs, we believe
Unknown Mating Bugs

Hi David,
Our first thought is that these might be mating Big Eyed Bugs in the family Geocoridae, based on images posted to BugGuide of North American species.
  We will try to get a second opinion.  Do you by chance have an image that shows the antennae?  That can often be a helpful identification feature.  If we are correct, this is a new subcategory for our site.

Eric Eaton provides some input
Oh, lord, I have no idea.  Maybe Rhopalidae for family?  That is at best an educated guess.  I really don’t do well outside of North America for most things.

Hi Daniel
I’ve attached another photo (and Flickr link) of the same pair but from a slightly different angle. You can see the antennae a bit better on the left bug. Let me know if this helps with your identification.

Or perhaps Mating Scentless Plant Bugs
Unknown Mating Bugs

Thanks David,
Eric Eaton suggested perhaps Scentless Plant Bugs in the family Rhopalidae.  Your Bugs are not represented on the Bugs & Insects of Singapore website, nor did we find them on ThaiBugs.

Thank you Daniel.
By the way you might want to bookmark this site below. It has IDs for a lot of South East Asia insects that you might encounter from subscribers.

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