Possibly Louse from Indonesia

Subject: Request for identification of a house bug
Location: Jakarta, Indonesia (tropical climate). Indoors environment.
January 1, 2014 2:02 am
I’ve just ran into your informative website while I was trying to identify this little creature I came across while I was home. It is small like a regular size ant, let’s say 1mmx2mm, can be observed by naked eye.
I can say I kind of have a phobia against bugs and I was just wondering what actions should I take to get rid of them in my living space, and what they might give to me (sicknesses etc).
Would be glad to hear from you,
Thanks in advance!
And by the way, happy new year!
Signature: Jakarta Citizen


Dear Baris,
We cannot say for certain because your photo lacks critical clarity, however, based on the general shape and morphology as well as the stated size, we believe this is a Louse.  We are not certain if it is a Human Louse or an animal Louse.  Perhaps the information on the Penn State University Entomology fact sheet will be helpful.

Hello Daniel,
Thanks a lot for the info and comments, it did help me.
As I don’t have any pets at home I’m sure it is a human louse. I will follow the recommendations in the link you have provided.
Have a good day,
Best Regards,
Jakarta Citizen

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