Possibly Little Juniper Cicada

Subject:  Small Texas cicada
Geographic location of the bug:  Bellville Texas
Date: 05/14/2018
Time: 09:58 AM EDT
Your letter to the bugman:  I seen a couple of pictures on this site of this small little cicada. I took this picture this morning with a macro lens.  First time ever seen one in person .
How you want your letter signed:  Rick

Possibly Little Juniper Cicada

Dear Rick,
The closest match we could find on BugGuide of a tiny Cicada is the Little Mesquite Cicada,
Pacarina puella, but that species has dark marks on the wings that your image does not reveal, though that might be a combination of the lighting and the shallow depth of field of the wing veinage.  BugGuide does provide this description of the genus:  “Quick tips for id:  Pacarina puella (associated with Mesquite) usually has more pronounced pattern in the wings  US Range: AZ, NM, CO, TX. OK. & LA  Pacarina shoemakeri (associated with junipers) usually has less infuscation (i.e. dark pattern) US Range: AZ, NM, CO, and parts of OK & TX.”  That leads us to believe this might be the Little Juniper Cicada, which is not pictured on BugGuide.  Perhaps you should submit your image to BugGuide to request an identification.

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