Flannel Moth from Mexico likely Thoscora acca

Subject: Fuzzy looking bug
Location: central-south Mexico – Tabasco/Campeche
February 4, 2013 2:49 pm
Found this bug in December while road-triping through Mexico. Stopped at a gas station and there it was, lying on the side of the building.
Hope you can help.
Signature: Kelly

Flannel Moth

Hi Kelly,
Based on similar looking moths on BugGuide, we believe this is a Flannel Moth in the family Megalopygidae, but we have not had any luck matching an exact photo.  Perhaps it is in the genus
Megalopyge , and it looks somewhat similar to this image of Megalopyge bissesa from The Moth Photographers Group, but again, it does not appear to be an exact match.  The Hétérocères de Guyane Française Megalopygidae page has numerous mounted specimens, but none that we can say conclusively looks like your individual.  Perhaps one of our readers will be able to provide assistance.

Karl agrees with Flannel Moth ID.
Hi Daniel. Based on overall appearance, posture and visible wing venation I would have to agree that it is probably a Flannel Moth (Megalopygidae). I think it is probably in the genus Thoscora, a neotropical genus with seven or eight species. Unfortunately, online information is extremely sparse for all the species and I can’t come up with a conclusive identification. It looks very close to Thoscora acca, but I couldn’t find any information that this species occurs north of Costa Rica. However, this may just be due to a lack of information. The Area de Conservación Guanacaste (ACG) site shows an assortment of mounted T. acca, and the Hétérocères de Guyane Française Megalopygidae page that you linked to has several subspecies of T. acca (other sites regard these as distinct species) as well as two other species. Mounted specimens offer some clear advantages for identification as all features are revealed.  However, I find that other information such as natural posture is lost, which sometimes makes it difficult to recognize a species when it is compared to a photo of a live specimen.  My best guess would be that it is Thoscora acca. Regards.  Karl

We like your identification Karl.  Has anyone told you that you are awesome lately?

Wow! Thanks so much for replying so quickly! I thought the little guy must have been some sort of moth, but wasn’t exactly sure.  The camera-phone pic doesn’t do it justice, and I was eager to find its identity so I could properly depict it in some of my artwork.
Thanks again!

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