Possibly Fishing Spider from Costa Rica

Subject: Big-ass spider
Location: Manzanillo, Costa Rica
April 21, 2016 1:46 am
So I was fortunate enough to have a visit from this gal (I’m assuming) on my mosquito net over my bed. No mosquitos getting to me tonight!!
Was taken back by the sheer size…. but how impressive!! This is in Manzanillo, Costa Rica.
BTW….. not that I’m taking chances, what kind of spider is she and is she seriously poisonous? Thanks!!!
Signature: Arachnid lover

Possibly Fishing Spider
Possibly Fishing Spider

Dear Arachnid Lover,
We often try to guess an identity prior to viewing the images, and we were certain you were inquiring about a Huntsman Spider, but the front two pairs of legs on your spider are two short for a Huntsman.  We believe your spider may be a Nursery Web Spider in the family Pisauridae, and it reminds us of a North American Fishing Spider in the genus
Dolomedes.  Fishing Spiders are quite large, but perfectly harmless.  Here is a BugGuide image for comparison.  We have not had much luck finding Costa Rican examples online.  The young lady in the image looks quite enthralled with the spider.

Possibly Fishing Spider
Possibly Fishing Spider

Thank-you very much for the information.  It too, reminds me of the spiders that come up from under the dock in the summertime!   The critters down here are a bug lovers paradise!

Some people call Fishing Spiders, by the name Dock Spider.

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