Possibly Dung Beetle

Subject: High School Biology Bug Project
Location: South Carolina
February 17, 2015 7:17 am
Dear Bugman(I hope this is a normal way to address one of these things),
I am supposed to identify two bugs for a biology assignment, I have a picture of my scetch of one of them attached. My teacher recommended this website, so here I am! I will give you the best description about it as I can to help you more(along with the picture of my drawing). It was about 3 cm long and 2 wide, a very round beetle-looking thing with a head that was hard to distinguish from the rest of the body. it looked like it had a hard, dark brown shell. It also looked shiny with a goldish tint. if you looked at it straight on,it looked like the edges had become a very shiny silver color. The front legs were fat and god fatter as it god closer to the feet, the front “feet” looked almost webbed or like “paws.” The middle legs were smaller and looked more normal. The back legs were also.
Thank you soooo much!
Signature: Benjamin Eddy

Dung Beetle Drawing, we believe
Dung Beetle Drawing, we believe

Dear Benjamin,
Your drawing is a very good rendering of a Scarab Beetle, more specifically a Dung Beetle.  Your description of the legs is very consistent with the physical characteristics of the legs of a Dung Beetle as well.  While it would probably be impossible to make an accurate species identification based on your drawing, this Earth-Boring Scarab Beetle,
Bolbocerosoma tumefactum, on BugGuide or this Earth-Boring Scarab Beetle, Bradycinetulus ferrugineus, also pictured on BugGuide, both look very similar to your drawing.  Of the family Geotrupidae, the Earth-Boring Scarab Beetles, BugGuide indicates:  “These beetles spend most of their lives in burrows one to four feet down, often under dung or carrion.”

Thank you sooo much! I know you have a small staff(like you said) and I am vary happy that you picked mine to do!
Thanks again,

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