Subject: Dewdrop Spider
Location: Laurens County, SC, USA
October 29, 2012 10:39 am
I found this tiny spider on the web of an orbweaver. I’m pretty sure it is one of the dewdrops, but cannot make further ID.
Signature: Gene Ott

Possibly Dewdrop Spider

Hi Gene,
This does resemble the Dewdrop Spiders from the genus
Argyrodes posted to BugGuide in shape, but in coloration, it is different.  There is also a resemblance to another kleptoparasite genus of Cobweb Spiders posted on BugGuide, Neospintharus, formerly classified as Argyrodes.  Kleptoparasites are organisms that steal food from other creatures.  A Dewdrop Spider, according to BugGuide, “steals small insects from the orb webs of other spiders, as well as pillages large prey items that have already been caught and often predigested by the host spider.”   We will post it with a tentative identification and see if any of our readers can provide additional information.  Thanks for sending this interesting submission.

Thank you very much.  I will check the site to see what occurs.

Location: South Carolina

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