Green Crab Spider from Malaysia

Any idea what this bug is?
Location: Penang,Malaysia
December 5, 2010 8:22 pm
Dear bugman,
I found this bug flying the last night near my laptop.The next morning i woke up and found it on my laptop and wondering this bug might be.Thought of helping it to find food or maybe to bring it back to the nature.It should be around an inch size.Mind identifying this?
Signature: Pengz

Probably Crab Spider

Dear Peng,
Your photo is blurry, but the extremely long front legs relative to the rear legs indicate that this is most probably a Crab Spider in the family Thomisidae.

Karl Confirms and provides a species
Hi Daniel and Peng:
I think you are right Daniel, it is probably a Green Crab Spider, Oxytate (=Dieta) virens (Thomisidae), native to India and Southeast Asia. Other Oxytate species look similar, but this is apparently the only species found in peninsular Malaysia. As you said, the picture is blurry but the overall appearance, especially those yellow eyes, is quite distinctive. Regards.  Karl

Yeah dont have any camera with me just took using a 2 or 3 megapixel hp thanks for the info but the crab spider that i google out doesnt seem to look like this 1.Yea those 4 long legs in front looks like pincers to me anyway had set it back to a nearby tree i believe that there is where it belongs…

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