Blister Beetle, not Checkered Beetle from Swaziland

Bug on flower
Location: Swaziland, Africa
January 21, 2012 1:29 pm
I found this bug while visiting the Hlane Game Park in Swaziland. It was in January (Summertime and rain season in this side of the world…)
I really can’t classify it so I decided to ask for your assistance.
Thanks and all the best,
Signature: Luigi

Checkered Beetle we believe

Dear Luigi,
In our opinion, this is a Checkered Beetle in the family Cleridae.  We are linking to the BugGuide page of Checkered Beetles though they are North American species.  You should be able to see the similarities.  They are described as:  “Body usually long and narrow, covered with bristly hairs and often marked with red, orange, yellow, or blue; head usually wider than pronotum; pronotum sybcylindrical and narrower than elytra; antennae vary considerably and are of great diagnostic value within the group.”

Correction Courtesy of Karl
Hi Daniel and Luigi:
It’s called a Felt Blister Beetle (Hycleus burmeisteri) and it is actually a Blister beetle in the family Meloidae.  The Field Guide to Insects of South Africa refers to it as Mylabris burmeisteri (probably an older synonym) and provides a description and some interesting information. As with most Blister Beetles, it is best not to touch. Regards.  Karl

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