Possibly a Camouflaged Looper

Subject: strange something found crawling on my house. what is it?
Location: South Central Texas
October 15, 2013 3:21 pm
I found this strange thing crawling on the exterior of my house. I live just west of San Antonio Texas and the time of year was the fall. I was using a z tool to try and grab it off the wall and as soon as I got near, it acted as if it sensed something and kind of stood up on one end as if it was afraid.
Signature: Please tell me what this is. thanks, Nancy K

Possibly Camouflaged Looper
Possibly Camouflaged Looper

Hi Nancy,
Our best guess is that this might be a type of Inchworm Caterpillar known as a Camouflaged Looper
Synchlora frondaria.

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