Possibly Buffalo Carpet Beetle

is this thing dangerous?
Location: Reno, NV
February 20, 2012 7:45 pm
Hi I’m finding these critters, see photo next to dime for scale, in my bathroom carpet, I’m not sure what they are?
Signature: DM

Carpet Beetle

Dear DM,
In our most imaginative and melodramatic moments, we can conceive of a scenario where this domestic pest, a Carpet Beetle, might be dangerous, like
larvae feeding off household woolen goods might do so much damage that the fibers might disintegrate when most needed for a rescue.  One of our readers posed an asthma question once, though we are not medical experts and we would hate to speculate without research.   Of all the species of Anthremus pictured on BugGuide, this looks the closest to the Buffalo Carpet Beetle which is documented as far west as Colorado on BugGuide’s Data Page.  The reddish markings are not as prominent on your specimen, so perhaps this is an isolated western population that has begun to diverge in characteristics from its eastern relatives.

Buffalo Carpet Beetle? or other???

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