Possibly Bryozoans

eggs in a lake?
Fantastic site guys…Thanks for the hard work. OK Here’s the scene: We live in Nothern NJ on a freshwater lake. In late September, I pulled this mystery cluster out of the water. It was attached to a rope that had been hanging off our dock, about 18" deep. I was with a friend who is an avid outdoorsman, and he’d never seen anything like it. .It was gelatinous and semi translucent inside with a coarser exterior. I’ve seen these clusters before on drfitwood, but remain baffled. Any ideas?

Hi Jim,
Both Amphibians and Snails lay eggs in a gelatinous mass, but we dont believe this to be either. We think it is a Bryozoan Colony of the animal phylum Ectoprocta. This marks a brand new page for our site.

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