Possibly Brown Recluse Spider

Subject:  Brown recluse?
Geographic location of the bug:  missouri (Saint Louis)
Date: 09/13/2017
Time: 10:47 PM EDT
Please help! We just moved in to our apartment last month (August) and we think there are brown recluse spiders. So far we have killed about 15. We find most at night, and a few have been stuck in the bathtub or sinks. Almost all stay in dark corners or closets. They look and move exactly like the brown recluses I’ve seen online, and we haven’t found any webs. They can move pretty quickly but don’t jump. I have attached a pic, I’m not sure you will be able to ID it because it’s pretty blurry! Thank you!
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Possibly Brown Recluse

Hi Katie,
This image is too blurry to be certain, but the markings and general shape of the spider you sighted are consistent with the appearance of a Brown Recluse.  Based on BugGuide data, you do live in Brown Recluse territory.

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  1. I have found 4 brown recluse spiders in my basement I did get the first one confirmed by a pest control person should I be alarmed. I live in the basement of my mother’s home.


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