Longhorn Beetle from Spain: Vesperus xatarti

What is this Bug!
Location: Spain, Murcia Region
March 9, 2011 1:37 pm
Hi, Our friend is seeing a lot of these lately on his patio and we are wondering what they are? He lives in Spain, Murcia Region in the countryside, spotted them at end of February.
Can anyone help?
Signature: Scrumpy

Vesperus xatarti

Dear Scrumpy,
We haven’t the time right now to research this fully, but we are posting your photo regardless.  We believe this is a Blister Beetle in the family Meloidae, though we would not rule out that it might be another soft winged beetle like a Soldier Beetle or a False Blister Beetle.

Correction:  September 7, 2013
Thanks to a comment from Chema, we have found a link to a female Longhorn Borer Beetle,
Vesperus xatarti, on Dave’s Garden which matches the image in this posting.

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  1. Guys, even though it’s very late since you posted it, I can tell you this is not a blister beatle, but a nice long horned beatle. More specifically it is a female appartaining to genus Vesperus, being thus Vesperus sp.


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