Black Carpet Beetle from Alaska

Another Ham Beetle?
Location: Outside Anchorage, Alaska
June 10, 2011 7:40 pm
You might hear enough of this, but thank you as always for the friendly and open nature of this website and the easy search engine you have for the fans.
To the point, however; out at a cabin near Anchorage, Alaska, my parents discovered a few beetles on top of their bed and on the windowsill. As they shooed the ones they found outside, I caught one on a book I carry around just for moments like this. The attached photo shows the beetle crawling over the millimeter ruler on the back page, clearly defining its length and providing a fairly good backdrop for close-up examination.
This is where WTB comes in. I had been looking around in bug books for Alaska on just what this beetle might be, until I remember coming to What’s That Bug a while ago with a spider from Bavaria. Using your search engine and getting lucky with a very recent post, I spotted another Alaskan with a similar-looking beetle. I now presume that what I found was a Ham Beetle, and not the Spruce Bark Beetle we feared it was.
Yet again however, I leave the final judging to the friendly experts.
Have fun on your vacation
Signature: Zachary Boyden

Black Carpet Beetle

Dear Zachary,
Thanks for your confidence in us.  We actually believe this is a Black Carpet Beetle,
Attagenus unicolor, a common household pest.  We are going to try to get a second opinion on this identification, meanwhile, you can compare your individual to this image on BugGuide.

Eric Eaton Confirms ID
Sure looks like it to me, Daniel.  Welcome back!

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  1. im trying to find out the identification of a beetle in Alaska, I have been looking for awhile, its oval, about a 1/4 inch at most. black, and a wide light tan stripe on its back, short ant… too.. I was thinking it was a foreign grain beetle of some sort.. any help would be appreciated. thanks heather


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