Possibly Banded Net-Wing

Subject: What is this?
Location: Central Florida
February 12, 2015 5:53 pm
I live in central Florida. This bug was on my screen yesterday (02/11/2015). I’ve searched the web but haven’t been able to find any pictures of this bug, I’ve lived here 12 years and have not encountered anything like this in all that time. Please help me to identify this guy!!! Thanks
Signature: Eileen

Banded Net-Wing we believe
Banded Net-Wing we believe

Dear Eileen,
Your image is very low resolution and quite blurry, but we believe it to be of a Banded Net-Wing Beetle,
Calopteron reticulatum.  Try comparing what you saw to the images posted to BugGuide.

Thank you so much Daniel!!! That is it!!! My daughter told me that your website would help me and she was so right!
Thank you again!!!! Eileen O’Neil

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