Possibly Antlion Larva from Namibia

Subject: Insect in Namibia
Location: Namibia
February 1, 2015 4:14 am
This insect was in the namib desert in Namibia :
Thanks for your research !
Signature: A traveler

Antlion Larva we believe
Antlion Larva we believe

Dear A traveler,
According to our mailbox, we received at least 8 identification requests from you in rapid succession, and while we appreciate your enthusiasm at getting your critters identified, there is a dearth of information regarding the sightings except to indicate the country of Namibia and GPS coordinates.  We would love to have details about this desert sighting.  For example, did it wander into your tent, was it found lurking around your food, or was it dug up from the bottom of a pit it dug in the sand?  We believe this might be the larva of an Antlion, called a Doodlebug in North America, but there is not enough detail in your image to be certain.
  In the future, please try to provide us with valuable information on the sightings.

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