Possibly a Larder Beetle

Subject: Bug from Thrift Store? making me seriously ill
Location: Arvada, Colorado
March 5, 2013 8:56 am
I have noticed this bug for probably a couple of months. The only place that I find the, is usually one at a time, in the mornings on the top of my stove.
At first I thought they were mice feces, until about a week ago when I went to scoop it in the trash & it scurried away!!
I was MIT at a Thrift Store, & 2 weeks into the job, I developed hives & such. I fought it for 15 months, going to my PCP, a dermatologist, and had prick allergen testing, which revealed my only allergies were tov2 trees, & most grasses & weeds I then was sent into Workmans compv& had Patch testing run. This revealed allergies to Indystrial compounds; Chromate, Cobalt, Ethylednaminedihydrochloruse, and Balsam of Puru.
I have suffered recurring rashes covering my hands, neck, face,& scalp. I seem to clear up on steroids & antibiotics, but once off the meds, I reflare with a vengance. Nobody can seem to figure out what is wrong with me, as I continue to suffer. I often feel as though I’m being ”bitten”, and itch incessantly.
I’ve not worked at the Thrift Store since August 2012, but am still suffering and UNABLE to work.
Could THIS BUG be the culprit, & WHAT IS IT?????
I’ve checked my mattress & have not seen any there.
This bug is about 1/8”, brownish in color, no visible legs, apparent antanae on the head.
PLEASE HELP!! I’m freaking out & tired of being sick!! In addition, I need to get this cleared up so U may find different work
Thank you!
Miserable in Coloradi
Signature: Miserable in Colorado

Larder Beetle
Larder Beetle

Dear Miserable in Colorado,
We are not qualified to make medical diagnoses, nor do we have any scientific credentials.  This appears to be a Larder Beetle,
Dermestes lardarius, a species that commonly infests stored food products.  We do not believe it has any relationship to your symptoms.  You might want to suggest that your healthcare providers explore the possibility of Delusory Parasitosis.

2 thoughts on “Possibly a Larder Beetle”

  1. Have u been tested for scabies? I had “hives” for 10 months, saw an allergist, even got to the point of taking 5 antihistimines and an immunosupressive, then when I took my daughter for her checkup showed her doc ONCE and found out it was scabies! He then gave the whole family a cream you apply at night and rinse off tye next am. As for the beetle, weve had those for years. Often they get in our pantry and love our flour, cereal and other dry goods. Just a nuisance.

  2. The larvae of the Larder Beetle has little hairs on it that can penetrate your skin. In individuals who are allergic/sensitive this will cause exactly the symptoms described here. I know because I am dealing with the swelling and itching at this very moment! The only way to stop it is to get rid of the infestation of beetles. We’re finding that that’s easier said that done!


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