Possibly a Carpet Beetle or maybe a Spider Beetle

What is this bug?
Location: New York City
March 30, 2011 8:30 pm
I have found two in my apartment in the past week crawling on the walls. I know this is certainly not a bed bug. It has a large back section with a lump of sorts. Dark brown to black. When killed it makes a cracking sound or small pop.
Signature: Daniel H

Might this be a Carpet Beetle or Spider Beetle?

Dear Daniel,
A properly exposed and carefully focused image of high resolution is very helpful when it comes to proper identification.  The image you have supplied has none of those qualities, and if this image was submitted by one of our students of photography, that student would not receive a passing grade for the assignment.  An exact identification is nearly impossible in this case.  When the photos are lacking, often the information provided in an email can assist us in an identification.  Many insects make unique sounds that can also be used toward an identification, but most bugs will crack or pop upon being smashed so that auditory description is not much help either.  Since it is small and has been found indoors, we suspect this is most likely either a Carpet Beetle or a  Spider Beetle and you may find some excellent images of both in our archives.

Dear Daniel-
Yes, upon further inspection it appears it is a spider beelte.  I will try to take a better shot next time.  Thanks you for taking time out to help me.

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