Poplar Borer

longhorn identification
We found this beautiful longhorn on a trip to Huron Lake up here in Ontario…any clue as to what kind? thank you!

Hi Michelle,
We are not quite sure that this is an Oak Sapling Borer, Goes tesselatus, but that is our best guess at the moment. We found an image on Cerambycids.com that looks to match quite well. We will check with Eric Eaton and we are fully confident he will provide a positive identification.

Correction: (07/24/2007) From Eric Eaton
Hi, Daniel:
The image is NOT of Goes tesselatus, but I can understand the mistake. This one is in the genus Saperda, and ‘may’ be the poplar borer, Saperda calcarata. I’m not an expert on the genus, though, so you might want to dig around a little bit more…there is much individual variation, and aging of specimens causes them to look ‘different’ as well.

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