Subject: Flying Beetle
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
June 30, 2012 2:07 am
Have seen about Three of these in Las Vegas, NV in the 12 years I have lived here. I know this one fly’s, as he landed on my neck!
Signature: R. Klaus

Palo Verde Root Borer

Dear R. Klaus,
Summer is the season for large Prionid Borer Beetles and we get reports of various species from different locations across North America.  Your individual is a Palo Verde Root Borer and it is the second example we are posting today.

Thank you! I put him on a tree, hope he’s doing well…

Location: Nevada

10 Responses to Palo Verde Root Borer

  1. Alpha Nash says:

    I found 2 Palo Verde Root Borers, living in my garage, here in Las Vegas, NV (near Valley View and Alta). Not really sure what they are eating, but I found a different one, and killed it out of instinct, thinking it was a cockroach (I felt bad when I realized it was NOT one.)

    What do I do with them? One of them was in the garage, and I sort of swept it out last night; clearly, it snuck back in to live with its friend. I really don’t want them…..

  2. Miki Sheets says:

    I just came home and “Palo Verde Root Borer” was waiting at the door. I thought it was “Stag beetle”, very familiar in Japan, but has sinner horn. I called boys, 43, 16, 13, 11 to show them but they were all Chikened. So I put him on the ash tree. Livibg here for 17 years but 1st time seeing it in Las Vegas. I wish I could keep it..hahaha

  3. Lee Lussier-Tussing says:

    these things come out of my yard… out of the ground.. they leave a hole about an inch wide.. they do fly… not very well. They do not live long, i always see dead ones around.. this is part of the summer i dont like..

  4. Patti says:

    We live in Yucca Valley, CA…north of Palm Springs (high desert). I just found one in a planter and freaked…it’s too big to be real! We just had pine trees removed, so maybe it came from those? Do they bite? Any way to use a pest control to NOT have these in our yard? also have seen some large wood roaches in garage and house…that was bad enough.

    • bugman says:

      We do not provide extermination advice. You should speak to the exterminator, though in our opinion, it is a waste of money. They larvae live underground for several years and there is no way to predict exactly where they are, so we cannot imaging an exterminator being able to prevent them from appearing. Large Prionids may bite if carelessly handled, but they will not fly up to you and attack.

  5. Lynette says:

    My kids and I found one of these near a garage in our apartments at night on Lamb and Owens on July 27th 2019. We thought it was a large roach and decided to capture it to identify it. We will release it, but it was an interesting find.

  6. Davin says:

    So, I am searching all over the interweb looking for the ID of a HUGE beetle that has infiltrated my house. At first it was in my screen (on the outside of it) and the next night the big bugger was flying at my front door. It landed and strolled into my livin room as if it owned the house. It now owns my house. How long will it be alive in my living room before I can go back down there? I’m not ballsy enough to go hunt it down to get it out, it looks a bit leaner than I am. Please someone help. It’s 07/09/2020 in paulding county Georgia, if I don’t respond after y’all have acknowledged my message please send help, it’s takin over completely and killed me and my family. Thanks in advance

    • bugman says:

      There are many large Prionids in your area, including the Tile Horned Prionus and the Broad Necked Root Borer.

    • Amanda says:

      Davin, it has been two years. I hope you and your family survived. I found one of these just now in our store. I put it on a piece of paper and brought it out to the woods. It kept turning and walking around the paper. I about picked it up with my hands but then saw it’s “pinchers”. Decided a very fast run and flail holding it on paper would be a better suite. This is not the first one I have seen. If you survived, please reach out. Best regards, Amanda

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