Ponderous Borer

Brown Beetle, 2″ in length, long antennae
July 18, 2009
Found two of them in the wood pile as we where splitting wood. they seem to have wings but did not fly. brown to light brown in color both top and bottom
Turner, Oregon

Ponderous Borer
Ponderous Borer

Hi Mike,
Of the Ponderous Borer, Ergates spiculatus, BugGuide notes:  “In a quick review of Google mentions this beetle has also been called a Pine Sawyer, Western Pine Sawyer, Spined Woodborer, and Ponderosa Pine Borer. The last name may be a conflation of Ponderous Borer and Pine Sawyer although it should be noted that ponderosa is Spanish for ponderous and would be a logical name for Spaniards in early California to give to both the huge pine trees of the high Sierras and the huge beetles that bored in them.

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