Polyphemus Moth Caterpillar

Subject: Big green caterpillar
Location: Appalachian southern Ohio
October 19, 2013 7:06 am
Thank you for this excellent site! I have been looking at hornworms, sphinx moths etc but cannot find this particular species. Over 5 inches when extended, picture is of adult hand. Who is this lovely creature?
Signature: C. Suggs

Polyphemus Caterpillar
Polyphemus Caterpillar

Dear C. Suggs,
You were unable to identify your caterpillar because it is not a Hornworm.  This is a Giant Silkmoth Caterpillar, or more specifically, a Polyphemus Moth Caterpillar.  You may also compare your image to this photo on BugGuide.  This individual is most likely preparing to pupate.

Thank you so much!  I really appreciate your work in helping people to appreciate insects.  I am an unofficial ambassador on behalf of insects as well.
Charlene  Suggs

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