Polyphemus Moth

Antheraea polyphemus – a beautiful female with her father
Dear Daniel and Lisa Anne,
While the promised Asterocampa celtis and A. clyton- picture series for you is still growing, I had a surprize hatching from a cocoon, which I found in the middle of Madison on a small Linden tree in the beginning of May. It is a Polyphemus moth female. I am trying to find a male for her with the help of her pheromones, because I want to breed this species this summer. Let’s hope that it works. Best wishes and have a nice weekend, Thomas

Hi Thomas,
What a beautiful photograph of a beautiful moth. We cannot imagine her not attracting numerous suitors, and we expect to be graced with some honeymoon images. We also eagerly await your promised images. Perhaps we can trouble you to look at our Caterpillar 5 page so you can weigh in on a possible Red Spotted Purple versus Viceroy Caterpillar that was sent in 12 May. We would like your input on the species.

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