Polkadot Wasp Moth and Green Lynx Spider

just curious
I live in central florida and i see these fly like insects every year, they have never stung or bitten me, i dont even know if they can. I would just like to know what they are called.

As for the green spider, i am terrified of them but i am also very curious as to what type it is. i am assuming it is female since it seems to have and egg sack. thanks for you help in advance,
devan s.

Hi Devan,
Your “weird fly” is actually a moth, but a moth that mimics the appearance of a wasp for protection. It is a Polkadot Wasp Moth, also known as the Oleander Moth since leaves from oleander are the primary food of the caterpillars. Your spider is a Green Lynx Spider, and the female has just laid eggs. It is time for us to choose a Bug of the Month for November, and we are going to post your Green Lynx Spider image as the Bug of the Month. This fascinating spider is found more commonly in warmer climates, and not that winter is approaching, our northern readers will not be writing in much. Readers from Florida, Texas, California and other warmer climates will start to notice Green Lynx Spiders now that they have matured and are larger.

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