What is this Black Wasp with Yellow Abdomen and Legs
I spotted this beauty late September while he was feeding on a lechagialla bloom in Bib Bend National Park. I checked your site and a few others (yours is the best, hands down) but couldn’t find a certain match.

Hi Daryl,
This is a Polistes Paper Wasp. We cannot be conclusive about the species but will check with Eric Eaton. Here is Eric’s suspicion: ” I believe this is Polistes comanchus, but not absolutely positive. Very similar, anyway. Please see if Bugguide has an image you can compare to. Eric”

Hi, I’m just learning how to use bugguide, and I thought I’d see if I can contribute to the ID of the Polistes paper wasp from 12/05/06. That could definitely bee a Polistes comanchus, but I think maybe it’s a Polistes aurifer. Thanks so much for such a great site.

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