Poinciana Longicorn

Bug from Central Australia
Location: Alice Springs, Central Australia, Northern Territory
March 11, 2011 4:56 am
Hello,This was found in a water trough at a preschool. It was an unusually overcast and chilly 8am. It is approx 6.5cm in length. All the children would be so glad to find out what is.
Thank you for your time
Signature: T. King

Poinciana Longicorn

Dear T. King,
We believe you have found a Poinciana Longicorn,
Agrianome spinicollis, which we identified on Graeme’s Insects of Townsville, Australia website.  This past December, we provided a lengthy answer to someone who submitted another photo of a Poinciana Longicorn and you may read that in our archives.

Thank you so much for the reply. That’s definately our new friend!
I will pass on the information to the preschool teachers.
I note that it is a species usually not found in Alice Springs Northern Territory. Maybe a traveller? We have had unseasonally large amounts of rain and a high level of humidity over the last year. A factor?
I wonder if there have been any more sightings in Alice Springs?
Maybe the preschool could post a photo and letter in our local paper to see if they get a response?
If they aren’t interested, I am! I am sure they will be though.
I wonder what we shall do with him? Any suggestions? Food is an issue as well.
What a wonderful example of the sharing of knowledge and the potential for positive exchange and connection using the internet. Insects and other smaller species of animals are often neglected and misunderstood so thank you for giving me the opportunity to share this learning experience with these children, another smaller wonderful species!
Kind regards and much appreciation
Tarnya King

Hi again Tarnya,
Weather, especially rain, is often a major contributing factor to insect appearances.  Additional sightings in Alice Springs are most easily researched on your end.  We would urge you to release your catch.

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