Poinciana Longicorn from Australia

Subject: What the bug???
Location: Brisbane, Australia
October 10, 2013 3:29 am
HI Bugman,
Hoping you can help identify this beast we’ve noticed in the last week?
Signature: Meegs

Poinciana Longicorn
Poinciana Longicorn

Dear Meegs,
This looks to us like a male Poinciana Longicorn,
Agrianome spinicollis, and you can compare your photo to this image on Csiro or the image on Agriculture of Western Australia.  According to the Queensland Government website:  “This species is found in rainforest and open forest in eastern Australia. It is common in Queensland and New South Wales and also occurs on Lord Howe Island. The larvae are huge white grubs found in rotten wood, especially dead Poinciana or fig trees. It is an important pest of pecan trees. The large adults sometimes blunder into house lights.” 

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