Plinthocoelium suaveeolens

I can’t find this bug in your pictures
We found this gorgeous bug on a piece of wood from a mesquite tree that had been recently cut down in our son’s yard in Saint Hedwig, TX. It is just east of San Antonio. We usually take pictures of neat bugs and love your web site. Any help would be appreciated.
Muriel & Tom Dougherty

Hi Muriel and Tom,
We actually do have a photo of this particular beauty on our second beetle page from 2004, but it was unidentified. This predates our collaboration with the awesome Eric Eaton who usually manages to identify everything we cannot. Here is his response when we asked him if he recognized this gorgeous green Cerambycid: “Yes, I do! It is Plinthocoelium suaveeolens. I almost caught one in southern Missouri, but it got away:-( Larvae bore in the trunks and roots of tupelo and mulberry trees. Eric”

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  1. We have a beetle like this in our carport. He is missing a hind leg. He kept going to our dog water bucket, so I filled a bottle cap with water and he drank it, but I don’t know what they eat. He is not looking too good today. Can you advise me what to do for him?


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