Pleasing Fungus Beetles

Subject: Bugs
Location: Indiana
April 11, 2015 3:54 pm
These bugs are on a hackberry tree.
Signature: Mag

Pleasing Fungus Beetles
Pleasing Fungus Beetles

Dear Mag,
These are Pleasing Fungus Beetles in the genus
Megalodacne and they will not harm your tree.  According to Featured Creatures:  “In the United States, the pleasing fungus beetles are not economically important, but in the Orient where many people regularly collect and eat wild mushrooms, pleasing fungus beetles may be considered pests (Boyle 1956). Many of the fungi upon which these beetles feed are edible by humans. Currently none of these fungi is easily cultivated and they are not sought after by most people. With the increasing popularity of mushrooms and cultural technological advances, it is possible that pleasing fungus beetles may become economically important in the United States. If these beetles become pests, chemical control is not recommended because mushrooms are very absorbent. Biological or cultural controls should be considered.  These beetles may also be beneficial. Fungi like Inonotus spp. and Armillariella spp. are known to be pathogenic to hardwood trees. These fungi also serve as hosts for several species of pleasing fungus beetles.”

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